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Custom Catfish Rods

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What IS a "Mule" Custom Fishing Rod? 

When Hunting these Predators...


The Right Tackle, Makes ALL the difference!!!

Rods- Reels-Hooks-Line

Matched in Power and Performance

Ensures Success Hunting these Predators

Stuff Worth Buying!

Omoto 7000

Omoto 7000 Reels-Price and Performance in one reel 

Omoto 7000 AB3 Baitcasting Reel-Red


35lb Flathead Catfish from Kayak  FastTrack 385ft

Click on Catfish Kayak                              Click here for Inflatable Kayaks 

Does fishing for These...


Cause any of this?  



Break your Rods?

Snap your Line?

Bend Hooks?

Smoke your Drags?

Ruin Your Reels?

Your DOG  LaughsLaughing Dogat you...!!


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